The authorities began searching for a contractor to organize and hold the Voronezh International Garden and Flower Festival “Gorod-Sad” (Garden City). According to the documents published on the public procurement website on Friday, July 19, citizens will be able to see animals made of stone boulders, an ethnic village, retro equipment, and straw-plastic art objects. The maximum initial value of the contract is 25.84 million rubles.

According to the published documents, the contractor must arrange the space for the festival, including elements of landscape and floral design. The pond of Voronezh Central Park will be decorated with artificial yellow water lilies. The contract provides for the allocation of straw-plastic art objects. The contractor will prepare a theater area with an amphitheater, a children's area with swings and a straw trampoline. Also, there will be animals made of stone boulders at the festival, and skeletons made of wooden beams with decorative scythes made of wheat sheaves will be put together at the exposition site with retro equipment.

The contractor must implement an educational, cultural and entertainment program, engage at least 50 participants presenting exhibitory expositions, develop a map of the festival with regard to zoning and the overall design, provide master classes, conduct photo and video filming, and install flags and banners. All the festival components and equipment will be assembled by 6:00 pm on September 4, and the dismantling should end within four days after 9:00 am of September 9.

The “Gorod-Sad” Garden and Flowers Festival will be held in Central Park from September 5 to 8. Earlier, the Department of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Voronezh Region chose a contractor to develop the concept for holding the annual “Gorod-Sad” Garden and Flowers Festival in Voronezh in 2019. The winner was Moscow production center "Art City". The cost of the contract amounted to 2.039 million rubles.

The context

The International Landscape Exhibition-Fair “Voronezh – Gorod-Sad” (in 2016 – “Voronezh-Sad”, in 2017 – Garden and Flower Festival “Gorod-Sad”) was first held in the city in 2010. The festival was organized with the support of the Governor and the Voronezh Region Government. Six years later, the event was attended by more than 150 thousand people, and in 2017 – by more than 220 thousand residents and guests of the region. The 8th International Festival “Gorod-Sad” was visited by more than 280 thousand people from August 30 to September 2. In 2018, the festival was dedicated to two topics: the Year of Japan in Russia and the Year of the Volunteer.