Employees of the Japanese company Nikken Sekkei will provide advice on urban planning in Voronezh. They will also discuss with the experts the possibility of developing master plans for the territories to be developed. The Japanese representatives will visit the regional center in January 2019. The meeting of Mayor of Voronezh Vadim Kstenin, the heads of the Light Rail Development Department of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Economic and Social Projects and the Vice-Minister of the Transport Department of Japan, Fumihiko Yuki, took place on Tuesday, December 18.

Nikken Sekkei is one of the world leaders in urban planning. Its experts have experience in designing unique and technically complex facilities around the world.

The parties also appreciated the progress in the development of bilateral relations and the successful implementation of the directions. Voronezh, which is a pilot city, was distinguished both in terms of the projects being implemented, and in terms of the promising light rail construction project using the principles of transit-oriented development and the organization of transport and transfer hubs. Representatives of the Department of Railway Transport of Japan reported that they had decided on a company that would take part in the process of preparing a technical task for the development of a feasibility study on international standards. The company will act as an expert organization during the feasibility study works.
The meeting of the joint working group on transport will be held in Voronezh in April 2019.