The 12th "Zodchestvo VRN - 2019" forum which starts in Voronezh on May 31 will have 400 to 600 guests. The executives of the Ministry of Construction are planning to take part in the event, Head of the Regional Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Andrei Yerenkov said at a meeting in the Regional Government on Monday, May 13. The venues for the events will be Sovetskaya Square and the Voronezh Concert Hall.

The ”Zodchestvo VRN” programme has already been put together, it will be published within two days. The leading theme is “The City of Our Future”. The forum will consider such issues as tools for regulating real estate development, the role of urban communities and the limits of their participation in changing the urban environment, the practical application of BIM technology in design. Particular attention will be paid to the discussion of approaches to the development of coastal areas in the city center which are valuable from an urban planning point of view and have economic potential. Among the topics in question will be Petrovskaya Embankment in Voronezh.

The forum will sum up the results of the all-Russian competition of projects for the creation a comfortable urban environment in small towns. The Ministry of Construction chose Voronezh as a platform for awarding the winners. Guests of the competition will be able to join the “Zodchestvo” business program.

The forum will include educational courses of the federal project “Architects of the Russian Federation” held on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation by the “Dom RF” company and the Strelka Institute with the support of the Ministry of Construction.

– The issue of conducting a separate event – a discussion of the methodology for forming an urban environment quality index – is being worked out with the Ministry of Construction. Starting with 2019, the improvement and efficiency of regional and local authorities will be assessed in accordance with this indicator, – Andrei Yerenkov said.

A Russian-Dutch research study of the use of the typology of Russian community centers will be presented during the forum. The work began in the fall of 2018. Young architects created propositions for the functional reprogramming of three Voronezh CCs. Graduates of the Voronezh Technical University and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture became curators and developers of the research. The cooperation with them will continue at the 2019 forum.

The exposition of the exhibition will be located on Sovetskaya Square. The spectators will be able to see architectural projects of the exhibitory competition and a photo exhibition dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Voronezh Region.

An unprecedented number of applications — over 400 — were submitted for the 2019 exhibitory competition. They were sent from 35 regions. The traditional trends (“The Best Architectural Works and Practices”, “Student Art”) were complemented by additional nominations — “The Center of a Russian City” and “Architectural Journalism”. The jury will be headed by Nikolai Shumakov, the President of the Union of Architects. The first meeting of the District Council of the Union of Architects of the Central Federal District will be held with his participation. Delegations from 18 regions are expected to arrive.