Yesterday, January 19, valenki hockey tournament ended in the Bobrovsky District. The similar competitions have been for several years held in the Chelyabinsk Region, but we have never had anything like this in the Central Russia. “Russian Press” hockey team players, the Administration of the Bobrovsky District, and RIA “Voronezh” were the initiators of the tournament.

Let us remind you that the first match of “Russian press” on Voronezh land was held in May, last year, at Bobrovsky Ice Palace named after Vyacheslav Fetisov. The visiting team consists of journalists and producers of the leading Russian sports channels and printed press. The home team was holding a stubborn resistance, but lost with the minimum score of 4:5. Another competition was held on January 18. This time the Bobrovsky District team outplayed the visiting team with the score 9:7.

Yesterday, January 19, the contestants were wearing valenki instead of skates and took part in “Valenok Cup” Epiphany tournament in Shestakovo village. The village has its own team, and the local athletes also had to change skates for valenki.

- We have never played in valenki before – said the captain and the coach of the home team, the head of Shestakovo rural settlement Sergey Derjugin. – Our opponent is big-name, but we will definitely give fight to the Moscow players, won’t we, Ivanovich?

Vladimir Ivanovich Petukhov is the most experienced player of the local hockey team. He is 57 years old, 30 of which he has been playing on ice.

- I have never played hockey in valenki - he told to RIA “Voronezh”. - Today we gathered 13 people, we will be changing “fives”, so to save our face. Hockey is not only health, but also positive emotions, which we will share with the guests.

- The valenki hockey tournament is primarily devoted to the Epiphany, and the Olympic Torch Relay that was held in Voronezh yesterday. Almost all of us, starting from February, will be somehow involved in covering of the Olympics in Sochi. Our team played hockey with the team from the Bobrovsky District. The home team was talking about the revenge after that victory. By the way, after the Olympics our team is going to meet with the Turkmenistan team. We have no idea so far what valenki hockey is. I have not played in valenki since the age of 12, neither the other guys have done,

special correspondent of News Programs of the First Channel Anton Vernitsky.

- Today our valenki hockey team will include almost the same players as in May, last year, in Bobrov. We understand that playing hockey in valenki is harder than in skates, as you fall more frequently. So, the rules differ.

NTV and NTV Plus sports commentator Denis Kazansky, the captain of “Russian press”

- The rules are different - confirmed the judge, who is also the director of Bobrov Ice Palace Vladimir Lipunov. – No pucks above the knees, no offsides, no contacts, no misconduct penalties, only penalty shots.

It was decided to play one round. Four teams were to compete: “Russian Press”, the home team from Shestakovo, Losevo team, and RIA “Voronezh” team.

The visiting team from Moscow overplayed the home team with the score 3-1 in the first pair. Losevo team and RIA “Voronezh” played in the second pair. RIA “Voronezh” team consisted of Head of the Department of Media and Mass Communications of the Voronezh Region Artem Verkhovtsev, Deputy Head of the Department Ilya Sakharov, Director of RIA “Voronezh” Denis Pimenov, and the news agency employees. RIA “Voronezh” team lost with the score 0:1.

“Russian Press” outplayed the team from Losevo at the final with the score 2-0. Then the Moscow colleagues outplayed RIA “Voronezh” team - 3:0 within the friendly game.

This match ended with a huge pile on the ice: the journalists both from the capital and the province were laying on the ice like naughty children, wearing valenki and hockey ammunition. And the local residents from Shestakovo who came to the rink to cheer up their team, were arguing that “this news tribe” is always perverting - even a hockey game they managed to end not with the goals but fooling around ...