July 7,

Tuesday, 09:27




Photo. Exhibition of modern military equipment is held on Sovetskaya Square in Voronezh

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Photo — Andrey Arhipov

Modern military equipment was demonstrated on Sovetskaya Square in honor of the 75th anniversary of Separate Red Banner Guards Army. The citizens were able to see BM-21 ”Grad” multiple rocket launchers, “Tigr” and “Rys” multipurpose all-terrain infantry mobility vehicles, advanced combined communication complexes P-260T “Redut” based on KamAZ-63501, BTR-82 armoured personnel carriers as well as “Nona-CVK” 120-mm mibile mortar carriers.

The servicemen of the Separate Intelligence Squadron demonstrated their fire arms and cold bladed weapon skills as well as close combat and special training techniques.


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